The Passing of 2018

Well, that is 2018 gone and it was a mixed bag for sure. I kept the shadows away and apart from the odd day, depression never got a look in. Health was up and down again, and I almost feel like that is an ongoing pattern I have to accept.

I never wrote as many books as I wanted to and that was mainly due to an increase in freelance work. I do have a slow launch in process with a couple of products in the pipeline that a JV partner and myself are working on. I am going to start a new subscriber base this month as well that will offer a weekly report on all things IM, and another in the health and mindset arena.

I shall be expanding my paid membership FB group and offering them even more value this year.

The saddest event of the year was the death of my Cat Billy Bob. It was only a couple of weeks ago and I am going to write a separate post about that. Just got to give myself time to adjust.

2019 is an exciting year in so many ways. New business and maybe even love on the horizon, maybe more about that in later posts. I aim to start running again soon but that may simply be one foot in front of another as try and maintain some distant memory of my youth. I have the urge to run the canal path that leads to the ocean. There are so many tracks and paths to run on here, maybe not so easy when the heat of summer arrives but I ran in the Pyrenees a few years ago and the heat never bothered me then.

So, 2019 is

A new business launch

New subscriber base

Expand FB groups

Start jogging again

Explore other areas

Write three books

Create a food and travel blog

I wish you all a very happy and fufilled year ahead.


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