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When I first started writing with a view to making some money it was back in 2009. I had in truth been writing in some shape or form most of my life. Even as a child I was scribbling out short stories and recording facts about life around me. There is a big difference though when it comes to getting paid for what you do.


Entering the ranks as a paid writer means discipline and organization and these were not attributes that I had in abundance. I also had no real concept of how I was going to create an income from writing. To me, you either became a journalist or you wrote books. The world of creating Private label rights products and freelance ghostwriting were pretty much an unknown to me.


Once I discovered these lucrative areas my life took a different direction where writing was concerned. I found the Warrior forum which was and still is an Internet marketing platform. Here I was able to create bundles of articles and sell them as content to other people. I knew very little about sales funnels and building subscriber bases back then but was able to create a wage for myself. It was an up-down way of making a living though, sometimes I sold several and sometimes I barely covered my expenses.


I expanded into the world of PLR which basically means creating content that other people can sell as their own. Ghostwriting as it were. Now I was building subscriber bases from this and this gave me the ability to sell other products that I was affiliated with and so my income increased.


Later I became involved in coaching and teamed up with people to create other products for marketers, but the writing was always at the very least in the background. I found as I created brands and other businesses, writing became my way of funding these projects.


So, what is it like in the modern day to be a freelance writer? Well, it is a very competitive market for starters. There are sites called writing mills that offer work at ridiculously low prices and attract a lot of writers from countries where English is only the second language. However, they do damage the market.

There are a number of freelance sites that offer a variety of work to bid on or apply to and these can be of value to the freelancer. It takes a while to get established but for those with a good portfolio then there are some worthwhile projects available.


I have mostly got work from my own subscriber base or through followers on Twitter or Facebook. I run a number of marketing groups and pull in clients from these from time to time as well.


As a business blueprint unless you are very well established and have long-term projects then it is a very up and down business to be involved in. Often it is a case of having too much work or not enough.


I think when I first had the idea of becoming a writer I had this vision of some Bohemian lifestyle where I would be propping up various bars in seedy establishments around Europe looking for the next story. Although I have lived in the UK, France, and now Spain it did not quite work out like that.


I have thanks to Amazon published my own books but am a long way from breaking into the best sellers lists.


I think another thing worth mentioning is that you don’t often get to write about the topics you would most like to write about as you have to take the work where it is and that is very often in subjects that bore you. That is not the case all the time though as I have had projects that have been educational and fun to be involved in.


Ghost-writing can be strange too as you may write your own books and see a few sales but nothing to boast about and then you ghostwrite one and see it scale the charts higher than any of your own and you think I wrote that. I guess that is just how you look at it, the glass half empty or full.


There are the days when I gaze out of the window coffee in my hand and think my work is right here. In fact, my work is where ever I want it to be. I have the freedom to move anywhere I want as long as there is an Internet connection.


Freelance writing is very much a lifestyle rather than a job.




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