Why I Eat Next to No Meat

I have gradually over the years eaten less meat right up to the point where 99% of my diet is now meat free. I don’t do this to be part of some crusade against anyone or any movement, and nor do I want to be labeled myself.

I have two reasons why I am almost certainly going to eat next to no meat from now on.


·        The cruelty of factory farming

·        We don’t know what we are eating


Factory farming is beyond cruelty. It is almost like looking back at the terrible atrocities of the concentration camps. It really is that bad. Animals like cows and pigs can smell the blood and fear and you only have to watch them all wide-eyed and shrieking to know that they understand death. Cows are shot through the head with a retractable bolt, they are then hoisted above a tank where their throats are cut so they bleed out while still kicking.


Pigs are stunned first but these are intelligent animals and they know and fear their outcome. They too have their throats cut and as with sheep, it is often the case that they regain consciousness while bleeding to death. I have never seen chickens being slaughtered but I am told they travel upside down on a moving platform and have their heads cut off.


The intensity of factory farming also brings further cruelty. Animals bunched together in conditions we would not put our enemies through. Chickens with no room to move are simply egg laying machines with zero pleasure in life. They never feel grass beneath them or see the light of day. They are handled appallingly and have a very short lifespan. All this to produce cheap eggs for the supermarkets.


The dairy industry should be ashamed of itself too. Cows mourn the loss of their calf’s which of course is the reason they produce the milk. They are kept in this state until they are so burned out they are of no use to us anymore. I have not even touched the tip of the iceberg in describing the cruelty involved.


Secondly, we don’t know what we are eating now. Most animals are forced to grow with the use of hormones and steroids. Add to this all the other chemicals that enter the system through pesticides etc and it makes me worry what we are doing to our own bodies.  The population on large does not seem to care but I do.

Is it not enough that we are being gradually poisoned by food manufacturers? We eat more none-foods than ever now, and we are paying the consequences. The rise of several diseases is directly linked to these processed foods.


I can see a world of difference from someone living of their own land. Keeping a rabbit or deer population under control and eating those that are culled is far different than factory farming. So, I choose to rarely eat meat and am slowly replacing dairy. I have no wish to label myself, but I feel happier in myself in evolving down this route.


I still eat mackerel.


Andy Beveridge

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  1. Hey Andy, good piece!
    I’ve been veggie for nearly 30 because of the points you highlight.
    Like you, I’m not evangelistic about it, I do my own thing and let others do their’s.
    I don’t eat mackerel….lolsss!

    1. Thanks for the comment Mark. I think I am definitely evolving but trying to replace dairy is not easy. Walnut milk is great in coffee but I have yet to find an alternative for tea.

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