Religion and Other Supernatural Beliefs Baffle Me

I am baffled at times with the world I live in. We know so much, we have discovered things that we could only have imagined a few years ago and yet as a society, as a species, we are in parts still rooted into a past that chains us to illusion and fakery.

It is easy to take a trip back in history to a time when we knew nothing. Our world would have been very different. Old age would have been 40, most children die very young. Tooth decay is a killer of adults. We can see how early man may have looked at the night sky and started to wonder what it all meant and thank goodness he did as that was our first steps into a scientific way of thinking.

He would have known nothing of earthquakes, volcanoes, and floods. Plagues and famine would be beyond comprehension, bacteria and microbes would not have even been acknowledged. It makes sense that an intelligent species would want to come up with an explanation but with a basic lack of knowledge, it is clear that most early thoughts would be wrong. But still they tried and that is important to us now.
They began to create imaginary beings that controlled all this, at the time this probably was as good a theory as any. Gods were born, lots of them. Sacrifices were made in their name, fear formed, what if you did not please them? What if they did not like how you worshiped them? and so a cycle of worship and fear began.
A modern understanding of the world we live in allows us to know what causes all these natural events. We do not have to look out and still hold on to earlier made-up explanations. Religion was born on the back of ignorance and developed its own agenda as different religious organizations battled for control over people and created wealth. The supernatural element of most religions is dying thank goodness, but its death is a very slow drawn out one and it has chains that still hold societies back into a stone age way of thinking. This will end one day but sadly not before my time.

It also baffles me how and why people will believe in anything that contains not one single drop of evidence. Coming up with new ideas is brilliant, examining them and attempting to prove them wrong is perfect as the end result becomes the truth. It is ok if we uncover new information that changes our way of thinking as that is the scientific way of learning and growing. We need to be prepared to answer to the truth and not base our lives on fantasy no matter how appealing it is.

Take the supernatural for instance, that covers a wide umbrella but all that is contained within it requires a belief in something that has not a single element of proof. In this day and age, we can pretty much solve anything that we know about and by that, I mean if it is a story or a theory then we have the ability to work it out.
When there is not a single shred of evidence to back something up then the probability of it being true is as close to zero as you can take it. All the supernatural fits into that. It at best belongs to a world where we knew little and had enormous gaps to fill in.

I think I will take each element of the supernatural world and examine it in more detail in future posts as this is a big topic with many branches of its tree.

There is much yet to discover about the universe we live in, and in truth, I think we probably have only started to scratch the surface. It seems that half our societies are moving forward while the other half are chained to a past that keeps them from growing.

What we will discover in the future will be real and not built from fantasy. It I have no doubt will be breathtaking and wonderous and far more amazing than what we can imagine with our brains right now. Multi-verse will likely be blown away, but the truth may even be more bizarre. It will be an amazing journey for mankind if we are able to continue evolving and that is questionable. I will save that for another post though.

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