My Intentions as a Blogger

For a long time now, I have wanted to become more active as a blogger. Not that I have any intention of creating anything more than some weekly ramblings but if anyone is to read it then they do have to find it. Extra activity must surely help that. Blogging to me is therapeutic, I can write without really caring if each article is using the correct keywords and the structure can be simply of my choice.

I don’t need to have each piece edited and although my grammar still needs to be watched I don’t have to beat myself up if I spell the odd word wrong. In fact, I can drift from American English to UK English and sort of create my own version that both sides of the Atlantic will now never understand.

In fact, having a blog is pure freedom, it belongs entirely to the writer and opinions are purely that of the creator and do not reflect on the reader at all. Of course, controversial topics will always cause a little more friction and don’t the media just know that. I will, however, just write about things I think of at the time, topics, as you can already see in the history of this blog, will range from general thoughts on a variety of niches and humor or at least things I find amusing.
I am contemplating turning it into a magazine type theme and reporting more like a journalist. I will give that some more thought.

Andy Beveridge

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