Bats and all things Hallow

You know its Halloween as I write this and that pagan festival although in principal does not bother me, the behaviour it spawns does. Lots of children and some of them too old to be taking part have the right to knock on the door and expect a bucket full of sugary delights. All this without offering anything in return. I mean dressing up as a witch or a ghoul is not entertainment to me, I can dress the cat up like that and have way more fun.
Then there is the threat of something bad happening if their demands are not met. One’s car or house stands to be egged if all their demands are not fulfilled. No, I think the guy that came up with the idea of coating onions in toffee to disguise them as toffee apples was on the right track in my opinion.
I have to blame our American cousins for this outrage as they took what was a sensible little celebration and blew it up out of all proportions. You see we had it nailed, a couple of skeletons or a witch hung up as a form of decoration and maybe a couple of extra horror movies on the television. Not an egging in sight. No, they had to take it and ruin it by making it a commercial farce and the UK quickly followed thinking it was missing out. Personally, I think it was the confectionery manufacturers behind it all as they had the most to gain.
While we are on the topic, why do bats get such a bad press? True the vampire bat is a bit of a bastard. Crawling along the floor towards victims when you have a perfectly good pair of wings is not a good start. Plus, it is by far the ugliest of the 1300 species. But many of the others are like little fury bundles of cuddly things, and the fruit bat looks like a fox with wings which although in description terms alone should ruin any chicken’s night is actually as the name suggests a fruit eater. No good telling chickens that as they simple do not have the IQ to understand.
No bats are essential as they can eat their own body weight in insects every night and many of them pollinate fruits and flowers. Here is another myth, bats do not get tangled in your hair ever! They have the best sonar radar system around and can navigate perfectly well in a room criss-crossed with wires. There are no recorded case of bats being too drunk to use their sonar radar less than perfectly.
So, my guess is Hollywood and Bram Stoker are the source of bat related myths.
Toodle pip for now.


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