Leaving the European Union Caused So Much Hate

It amazes me the hate and controversy raised by the vote to stay in the European Union or leave. Where does all this putrid and vile behaviour really stem from? In my opinion, it has been born from the scare mongering tactics that were constantly used by both sides in the run up and throughout their campaigns. Very few real facts came out and I think that was because even the politcians did not fully understand the future themselves.

So most people based their vote on a bed of lies that was designed to scare them and it appears to have worked because once you introduce fear it quickly overtakes logic in my eyes. Families fall out with each and other friends turn against one another and for what? A journey into the unknown? Surely this is the time when we embrace each other and walk forward into an unpredictable future but with a united front.

Look at some of the lies. Immigration out of control. Well immigration is a problem to an already overcrowded island but coming out of the Union does not mean that future elected governments will instantly solve this problem. Plus, we should encourage new skills into the country and perhaps the solution lays with a more controlled kind of immigration policy where young men are not instantly allowed in from war torn countries but women and children are in certain numbers for a period of time until it is safe for instance. Perhaps more people should be vetted and checked before entry but leaving the Union does not put any of that right.

Nobody will deal with us and we will lose out on trade deals. Well that one got put to bed fairly quickly as countries quickly put their hands up knowing that they could now create lucrative free trade deals. Even the European Union does not want to lose out on this and we have much to offer in the way of trading. India, Pakistan, Canada, USA, China to name just a few will be open to create new trade deals which would have been impossible while in Europe. That is one argument from both sides that was little more than scaremongering. There were many more as I am sure you are aware of.
The fact that most of us do not really know what the consequences are of leaving makes it even more absurd to spread hate in the way it has happened. I think the one thing for certain is that no matter what happens with our economy future governments will blame us leaving for the unpopular policies they bring in and that would have happened either way.
I live in Europe and a lot of people are panicking over what will happen to ex pats, well nothing really. I mean we are not all going to get thrown out of the various countries we live are we. Here in Spain the economy would simply crash if we all left and I am pretty certain that would be the same in other European countries. We have to remember that people lived abroad before we joined the Union but I get that it is a lot easier to move around right now. What will happen is people will have to become legal which of course they should be anyway and I am sure there will be a few euros added to the various forms that we fill in.
All in all, once the dust has settled life will go on pretty much as before and it surely is not worth falling out over and even more so if you are one of those that did not really know what you were voting for.
I will add one more thing, as it stands now we are not out of the Union as it takes a while to sort these exits out and of course it was only a referendum which carries no legal standing. That said I don’t think the result will change now.
Onwards and upwards to a bigger and brighter future and I would have said that whatever the result turned out to be.

Andy Beveridge

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