In Memory of TK Chin

I never met TK Chin in real life although I knew her for a number of years online. In truth, the percentage of time that TK spent in my life was very small but the impact she had was massive. I always felt happy and relaxed when we spoke. There was never a hint at anything other than friendship and yet she knew how to flatter without being sexual or romantic and that is a skill in itself.
A lot of her life was private, I don’t even know what the intials TK stood for, I never knew if she had a boyfriend or partner, I don’t know all that much about her business really and yet we talked about the world and all its amazing beauty with a passion we clearly both shared. Food and travel and a love for nature were very high on her own interests and most of our conversations centred around those three topics.

She saw life as something that needed to be explored, and I will always fall in love with people who do that, because it bleeds into me and how I feel about this brief moment in time we have on this planet. TK embraced everything and that is why she has left so many friends like me mourning her death.
Her death came as a shock to us not just because of her young age but also because she seemed so alive. She kept her illness to herself right until the end and in a way, that amplified the shock to us her online friends. We have to respect that she had her reasons and I guess she felt that she would not lose her fight, I know for a fact that she loved life so much that she would have held on to the very end.
Her legacy to me is that it has made me think very deeply about letting people know if you care or love them. Live each day and squeeze the beauty out of every drop of rain and shard of sunlight. Learn and grow and plan and take action. Never say goodbye to a life that was not lived at the end of your own journey. Fill it when you can with knowledge and positive energy.
TK lived her life in a way that many do not and her love of travel and food I am sure would have led to many books on the subject, I can only imagine how her life would have unfolded.
TK Chin you are gone now, but thank you for being what I consider a true friend. In truth, I and hundreds of other people will keep you alive with our memories for many years to come.

Andy Beveridge

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